6/28: Tarot Community Collective with Daya Parvati

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Tarot Community Collective with Daya Parvati

Date & Time: Thursday, June 28th, at 7:00 PM

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of tarot with Daya Parvati at My Little Magic Shop in our Tarot Community Collective workshop. This event is perfect for tarot enthusiasts of all levels who wish to expand their understanding and connect with others through the art of tarot reading.

A Night of Tarot Exploration and Connection:

  • Expert Guidance by Daya Parvati: Benefit from Daya's extensive experience as she leads the group through interactive tarot exercises designed to enhance your intuitive skills.
  • Collective Readings: Participate in collective tarot readings that not only provide insights into common themes but also help you see how different interpretations can unfold in a group setting.
  • Skill Building: Learn new spreads and techniques to enrich your personal tarot practice, whether you're a beginner or an experienced reader.

Why 'Tarot Community Collective'?

  • Deepen Your Tarot Knowledge: This workshop offers a chance to dive deeper into tarot in a supportive and dynamic environment, perfect for those looking to enhance their understanding and proficiency.
  • Connect With Your Community: Meet and mingle with fellow tarot enthusiasts, share your experiences, and create lasting connections in a community that values spiritual growth and exploration.
  • Interactive and Insightful: Enjoy an engaging and insightful evening that promises to expand your perspectives and introduce new approaches to your tarot practice.

Join Us for an Enriching Tarot Experience: 'Tarot Community Collective' is more than a workshop—it's a gathering point for those drawn to the wisdom of tarot. Set in the inviting atmosphere of My Little Magic Shop, this workshop is designed to nurture your growth and curiosity in the art of tarot reading.

Secure Your Spot: This workshop is ideal for anyone eager to delve into tarot reading while forming meaningful connections within the spiritual community. Spaces are limited, so book your spot early to ensure you don't miss out on this captivating experience.

Please Note: Attendees are encouraged to bring their own tarot decks to the workshop, although there will be extras available for those who need them. This session is designed to be inclusive and enriching for all participants, regardless of their experience level with tarot.

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