5/25: Visions & Vibes: A Tarot-Guided Journaling Evening

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Visions & Vibes: A Tarot-Guided Journaling Evening

Date & Time: Saturday, May 25, 2024, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Dive into self-discovery and narrative exploration at My Little Magic Shop during 'Visions & Vibes,' a unique journaling workshop infused with the mystical guidance of Tarot and Oracle cards. Hosted by the insightful Tawn Le, this session promises an enriching experience for those looking to deepen their self-awareness and creativity.

A Reflective and Intuitive Session:

  • Tarot and Oracle Guidance: Begin your journey with personalized card pulls that will offer insights into your past, present, and potential futures. Learn how these symbols can guide your personal reflections and life decisions.
  • Guided Journaling Prompts: Engage with thoughtfully crafted prompts that encourage deep reflection on your recent experiences, innermost thoughts, and aspirations.
  • Community Sharing: Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their paths to personal growth. Share insights, gain new perspectives, and feel inspired by the stories of others.

Why 'Visions & Vibes'?

  • Enhance Personal Growth: This workshop is designed to help participants harness the reflective power of journaling combined with the intuitive insights of tarot and oracle cards to foster personal growth and clarity.
  • Creative and Supportive Environment: Enjoy a cozy, inspiring atmosphere where you can feel safe to express yourself and explore your inner landscape.
  • Build Connections: Meet and mingle with fellow journaling and tarot enthusiasts, creating potential lasting friendships and supportive contacts.

Join Us for an Evening of Magic and Mindfulness: Whether you are a seasoned journaler or new to tarot, 'Visions & Vibes' offers a refreshing way to engage with your inner self while exploring the magical synergy of tarot cards and journaling. Reserve your spot for a transformative evening that combines introspection, community, and creativity in a magical setting.

Please Note: Participants are encouraged to bring their own journal, planner, tarot or oracle deck, though materials will also be available for purchase. This workshop is donation-based, ensuring accessibility for all who wish to explore their inner world through tarot and writing.

Secure your spot early, and bring an open heart and mind to what promises to be an enriching and insightful evening.

About Tawn:

Tawn is a Consultant & Coach specializing in Personal Time & Energy Management and helps busy professionals have a better work-life integration through practical mindfulness. 

She’s a Level III Reiki Practitioner under the Usui System of Natural Healing attuned by Reiki Masters Aki Baker and Manu Del Prete, a Meditation Facilitator with a 100-Hour Meditation Certification from the Nalanda Institute, trained with International End of Life Doula Association, and a Feng Shui Consultant studied under the Tan Yang Wu lineage at the Feng Shui Academy. 


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