5/15: Charm Casting, Unleash Your Intuitive Magic with Dina Berrin

Unlock the magic of divination in 'Charm Casting: Unleash Your Intuitive Magic with Dina Berrin' on 5/15 at 6pm, a workshop to explore the enchanting world of charms.


$33 per person



About this experience

Charm Casting: Unleash Your Intuitive Magic with Dina Berrin

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 15th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Energy Exchange: $33

Dive into the mystical and captivating practice of charm casting in this unique workshop, Charm Casting: Unleash Your Intuitive Magic, led by the gifted Dina Berrin. Scheduled for May 15th at My Little Magic Shop, this beginner-level class invites you to discover how charms can serve as powerful tools for insight, guidance, and personal growth.

Embark on a Magical Divination Journey:

  • Guidance by Dina Berrin: Join Dina, a revered tarot reader and intuitive guide, as she opens the doors to the world of charm casting, a delightful and insightful divination practice akin to tarot and astrology.
  • Unlock the Language of Charms: Learn the art of interpreting the symbolic language of charms, from natural objects and symbols to trinkets, and how they can offer unique perspectives on life’s questions and challenges.
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning: The workshop promises an engaging and fun atmosphere, where you’ll delve into selecting, cleansing, and casting charms, all while tapping into your intuition to decode their messages.

Why 'Charm Casting'?:

  • Discover New Avenues of Intuition: Charm casting provides a novel and personal way to engage with your intuitive senses, offering a refreshing addition to your spiritual or divinatory practices.
  • Hands-on Practice: Gain firsthand experience with charm casting techniques, including how to interpret the results with finesse and trust in your inner guidance.
  • Community and Insight: Share this enlightening experience with a community of like-minded individuals, fostering a space for learning, growth, and magical exploration.

Join Us for an Evening of Intuitive Exploration: Charm Casting: Unleash Your Intuitive Magic with Dina Berrin" is an invitation to explore the enchanting realm of charm casting and uncover the hidden wisdom within. Whether you're new to divination or looking to expand your toolkit, this class offers a warm and welcoming space to grow your skills and connect with your intuition.

Reserve Your Spot for Enchantment: Prepare to be enchanted by the magic of charms and discover a new pathway to insight and self-discovery. While charm kits are not required, they are recommended to enhance your experience; kits are available for purchase prior to the class at Dina’s website or on the day of the class.

Please Note: Participants are encouraged to bring a curious mind and an open heart. No prior experience with charm casting or divination is necessary—this workshop is designed to welcome everyone from curious novices to seasoned enthusiasts.

Your Host

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Dina Berrin, a seasoned tarot reader and intuitive guide, illuminates paths to self-discovery through her deep knowledge of divination. Drawing from astrology, charm casting, and palmistry, she empowers clients with clarity and confidence, nurturing their journey towards personal fulfillment.