5/01: Intro to Palmistry: Explore The Magic in Your Hands with Dina Berrin

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Intro to Palmistry: Explore The Magic in Your Hands

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 1st, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Energy Exchange: $33

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the secrets held within the lines of your hands in Intro to Palmistry: Explore The Magic in Your Hands, a captivating workshop led by Dina Berrin. Scheduled for the evening of May 1st, this immersive class at My Little Magic Shop reveals the profound insights and personal narratives that your palms narrate through the ancient practice of palmistry.

A Deep Dive into Palmistry’s Mysteries:

  • Guided by Dina Berrin: Led by the intuitive and seasoned guide Dina Berrin, this workshop opens the door to the fascinating world of palmistry, offering a fresh perspective on this time-honored divination tool.
  • Foundations of Palm Reading: Discover the rich history and origins of palmistry, including the significance of each finger, the meaning behind mounts and markings, and the story told by the right and left hands.
  • Practical Skills and Insights: Learn how to decipher the gesture, major lines, and other key features on your palm, gaining practical skills and insights that shed light on your personality traits, strengths, and potential life paths.

Why 'Intro to Palmistry'?:

  • Unlock Personal Insights: This workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore the hidden wisdom of your palms, offering a personal and visual tool for self-reflection and clarity.
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning: Enjoy an interactive and dynamic learning experience infused with warmth, humor, and "aha" moments, including demonstrations, group practice, and guided reflections.
  • Empowerment Through Understanding: Gain not only a deeper understanding of palmistry’s principles but also learn how to apply this knowledge ethically and respectfully, empowering yourself and respecting others.

Join Us for an Enlightening Evening: Intro to Palmistry: Explore The Magic in Your Hands invites you to tap into the magic and mystery of palmistry in a nurturing environment that deepens your understanding and trust in your intuition. Whether you are drawn to divination for fun or serious exploration, this class provides the tools and insights to bring a touch of magic into your daily life.

Reserve Your Space for Discovery: Prepare to uncover the magic in your hands in this engaging and insightful workshop. Secure your spot for an evening that promises to illuminate your path and enhance your understanding of yourself and others.

Please Note: Participants are encouraged to come with an open heart and curiosity. No prior knowledge of palmistry is necessary—this class welcomes all who are eager to explore the mysteries contained within their palms.

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