4/17: Channeling Insights: Monthly Mediumship Circle with Joe Perreta

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Channeling Insights: Monthly Mediumship Circle with Joe Perreta

Date and Time: 4/17 at 7pm By Donation

Monthly on Wednesdays

Join us for "Channeling Insights," a monthly mediumship practice circle hosted by the renowned evidential psychic medium, Joe Perreta. This event is an ideal opportunity for those with medium experience to practice and refine their skills in a group setting. Our first session is offered by donation, with subsequent meetings having an exchange fee.

Deepen Your Mediumship Skills:

  • Guided by Joe Perreta: Enhance your mediumship under the expert guidance of Joe Perreta, known for his authenticity, experience, and certification from the Forever Family Foundation.
  • Monthly Practice Sessions: Regular gatherings provide a stable platform for the consistent practice, growth, and development of your medium skills.
  • Personalized Feedback and Growth: Joe offers tailored feedback and insights, aiding in the evolution of your abilities and deepening your spiritual connections.
  • Community of Mediums: Engage with a group of like-minded individuals, creating a mutual learning environment and spiritual exploration.

Why Join "Channeling Insights"?

  • Joe Perreta's Expertise: Leverage Joe's decade of experience and his unique approach that merges spiritual insight with scientific rigor.
  • Focused Mediumship Development: Concentrate on the practical aspects of mediumship, including spirit communication, message interpretation, and ethical considerations.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Enjoy a safe and respectful setting that's conducive to learning and personal growth.
  • Networking and Community Building: An opportunity to network with fellow mediums, share experiences, and foster lasting connections in the spiritual community.

Elevate Your Mediumship Practice: "Channeling Insights" is more than a practice circle; it's a journey of spiritual and skill development under the guidance of a trusted medium. Joe Perreta's expertise and supportive approach make this an invaluable opportunity for anyone committed to advancing their mediumship abilities.

Reserve Your Place: Secure your spot in our "Channeling Insights" Medium Practice Circle and take a significant step in your mediumship journey with Joe Perreta.

Please Note: This event is intended for individuals with prior medium experience. It provides an environment for skill enhancement and personal growth, not as a substitute for professional psychic or mediumship training.

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