3/8: Mystic Mingle: A Monthly Intuition Practice Circle

Sharpen your intuitive skills at 'Mystic Mingle: A Monthly Intuition Practice Circle' every 2nd Friday, a collaborative space for giving and receiving readings.


FREE per person


1h 30min


2nd Fridays

About this experience

Mystic Mingle: A Monthly Intuition Practice Circle 

Date & Time: Every 2nd Friday at 7 pm

Energy Exchange: By Donation

Join us at My Little Magic Shop for 'Mystic Mingle,' a unique monthly gathering hosted by Shereen, dedicated to developing and sharing intuitive abilities. Whether you're versed in astrology, tarot, oracle, angel readings, or simply exploring your innate intuition, this donation-based circle, occurring every second Friday, offers a supportive environment to practice and refine your skills.

A Safe Space for Intuitive Growth:

  • Hosted by Shereen: Led by Shereen, a seasoned practitioner in various mystical arts, the circle provides a nurturing atmosphere for both beginners and experienced readers to share their gifts.
  • Diverse Reading Practices: Engage in a variety of intuitive practices, including astrology, tarot, oracle, and angel readings, enhancing your own skills while experiencing others’ methods.
  • Give and Receive Feedback: This circle is not just about practicing your skills, but also about receiving constructive feedback and insights from peers, fostering collective growth.

Why Attend 'Mystic Mingle'?:

  • Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities: Regular practice in a supportive group setting is an excellent way to develop and fine-tune your intuitive skills.
  • Learn from Diverse Perspectives: By participating in readings and sharing techniques, gain a broader understanding of the different forms of intuitive arts.
  • Community of Like-minded Individuals: Connect with others who share your interest in mystical and intuitive practices, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Step Into a World of Intuition and Magic: 'Mystic Mingle' offers more than just skill development; it’s a chance to delve deeper into the realm of intuition and connect with your inner wisdom. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your existing abilities or curious about exploring new forms of readings, this circle welcomes all who wish to grow in their spiritual journey.

Join Us for an Evening of Intuitive Exploration: Reserve your spot at 'Mystic Mingle: A Monthly Intuition Practice Circle' and be part of a community that nurtures and celebrates the magic of intuition.

Please Note: This event operates on a donation-based energy exchange, encouraging all who are passionate about intuitive arts to participate.

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Shereen Campbell is a multifaceted healer and astrologer, renowned for her deep expertise in shamanic practices, Reiki mastery, timeline meditation healing, and astrology. She embarked on her astrological journey in 2007, embracing it as a lifelong practice and passion. As the founder of My Little Magic Shop in New York City, Shereen has created a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and self-empowerment. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications like Horoscope.com, Astrology.com, and StyleCaster, where she shares her insights on crystals, self-care rituals, and the mystical aspects of astrology.