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This Month's A Little Crystal Magic

Welcome to This Month’s A Little Crystal Magic!

Hey there, Magic Makers!

We’ve created an exclusive and very special portal for you to get the most of out of each month’s A Little Crystal Magic each month. Below you will find:

  • Detailed tips, tricks and rituals to help you connect with your crystals each month

  • Weekly moon phase guided activities to keep you in flow

  • Your Monthly Horoscope

If you have just joined our tribe be sure to visit this page dedicated to our official welcome box. You will find all the details you need to start your magical journey with A Little Crystal Magic.

We wish you a healthy, happy and MAGICAL month! Don’t forget to join our facebook group for daily challenges and even more tips and tricks to manifesting your dreams.


Shereen & the My Little Magic Shop Team

This Month’s A Little Crystal Magic!

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Your Monthly Horoscope

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