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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Dear Scorpio, The 28th could bring moments of crisis, challenge, and transformation in your love life. It’s a good time to have difficult conversations that get to the bottom of issues linked to power, control, or past wounds. This could happen with your siblings or with people in your proximal environment. On this same day, the Leo Full Moon highlights the results of what you’ve been up to in the past months when it comes to your career, long-term goals, and public image. What is blooming in these areas, and what is asking for readjustments? Pay attention to any emotions that might arise linked to being seen, appreciated, and respected for what you do, and notice how you’re balancing your work life with your private life. You’re one of the signs who will feel this Full Moon the most, and it might come with some tension, whether it’s at work, at home, or with your partner; stay mindful of your projections and follow your will and your desire for freedom in a balanced way. Finally, starting from the 30th, Mercury retrogrades in your 4th house of home, family, roots, ancestors, and emotions, marking the beginning of three weeks when you’ll be reconsidering your relationship with family, your connection to the past, your living arrangements, and the needs of your inner child, rethinking past choices, reshaping plans and connecting to your emotions.

Magical Dates:


Career: 28 (Full Moon in your house of career)


Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 13/1

Full Moon: 28/1


Hey Scorpio! Now that you’ve read your Scorpio Weekly Horoscope be sure to check out our magical summary to understand more about your sign. Also, you won’t want to miss our weekly horoscope summary.

You’ve probably lived enough to hear the nasty rumors about your sign. The truth is, people don’t really like truth, and our mortality is always the black elephant in the room. When the Sun enters Scorpio, nature is slowly starting to decay, preparing for the great passing into her next cycle of existence. You instinctively sense these less harmonious parts of life: the shadows, the nasty monsters in your mind, death, but more than any other sign, you’re also aware of their hidden treasures. Darkness is part of us as much as light is. Death holds a meaning of transformation or rebirth.

Your soul purpose is to live intensely, as if you would die tomorrow- because you know that you might. Ideally, this awareness doesn’t leave you any space for something other than your deepest desires, brought to form and turned into action. A Scorpio Sun is a fixed, watery sun: his biggest battle is with his own emotions and instincts, which surface from the unconscious into awareness without mercy. Your mission is to integrate these intense emotions and basic drives into your life by rejecting repression and embracing them instead, to be transformed into a way that hurts neither you or others.

You are the archetype of the Detective and the Sorcerer- with a piercing gaze turned both inward and outward, your mission is to uncover all that is hidden, to unveil the truth and to constantly transform yourself. With so much unconscious material to dig up, it’s best if you avoid the temptation to project your own demons on others. Too much self-knowledge and you risk self-destruction; too little, and you can end up looking outwards, for power, money or love, to fill the gap. Since your emotions run so deep, loyalty is one of the main things you value, and your natural determination and strength might find their shadow in a deep vulnerability. Your biggest treasure lies in what is hidden beyond appearance.

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