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Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes for 1.24.2021

Dear readers, The last week of January is in tone with the first two as the Sun-Uranus square on the 26th could make us feel more restless and easily triggered than usual; it’s a good time to take care of things on our own and to channel our energy into projects that motivate us. On the 28th, Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio completes the picture by uncovering themes linked to power, control, vulnerability, attachment, and trauma in our relationships. By opening up to less pleasant emotions, to our shadow side, we can use this intense energy to connect deeply with our partner, to transform our emotions and attachments, to reach a more profound level of commitment. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the same day is a guiding light that supports our hopes for the future, our friendships, our projects, our innovative and humanitarian interests, bringing possible opportunities for progress. Between these powerful aspects, the last week of January is a balancing act, brought to a peak point by the Leo Full Moon on the 28th. With squares from Mars and Uranus, this Full Moon can bring January’s conflicts and tensions out in the open, prompting us to integrate self-interest/pleasure with preoccupation for our community, living in the moment with planning for the future, our heart with our rational side. Emotions linked to being seen, accepted, loved, and allowed to be authentic could come up at this time, asking us to make space for them, integrating them with the part of us who wants to keep focusing on facts and concrete actions towards progress. Finally, on the 30th, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, marking the beginning of three weeks when we’ll reprocess, reconsider, and review January’s events, reflecting on our desire for freedom and perfecting our ideals before we act upon them.

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How will this week play out for you? Keep reading for your Sun and/or Ascendant sign!

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