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If you're looking for a little support with manifesting changes in your life, you will love our Magical AF Manifestation Ritual Kit collection! We combine our favorite tools, our go to rituals, some magical meditation techniques and some visualization activities to help you get the universe's attention and tap into the law of attraction. 

We've created a ton of kits to help you tackle some key intentions so pick the ones that you're wanting to learn from the dropdown and get your magic on. Plus, these are all tried and tested through with our A Little Zen Box subscribers, so you know they're our favorites.

Each manifestation kit also includes a robust instruction booklet to guide you through each item and suggested rituals to help you start making your own magic now.

The details of some of our featured kits are:

Surprise Me Box - Shereen will personally choose a box out of all available options (which may not be listed below) just for you.

Calm AF Box - This box includes a powerful grounding spray, candles, an oil, soap and some crystals to help you create a calming ritual when things get overwhelming.

Moon Magic Box - Learn about working with the various moon phases to take moving with the flow of the universe to the next level. This kit includes all you need to create a powerful moon altar.

Chakra Balancing Box - Learn and bring balance to all 7 chakras with this magical box. It includes a book, an oil, candles, bracelet, palo santo and carnelian sand.

Your True Self Box - Discover a deeper part of yourself through this imaginative box that includes all the tools you need to release old, sticky energy that's not serving you.

Deepening Your Friendships Box - Friendships are the cornerstone to a happy healthy life, this box provides a boost to help you deepen them in a way you'd never thought.

The Ultimate Cleansing Ritual Box - If you're needing a good cleanse, this box is for you! It includes powerful cleansing candles, a gorgeous chalice, amethyst druze and so much more to get your cleansed af.

Just Added

A Magical Cacao Ceremony - Create a sacred cacao ceremony with Ora Cacao to open your heart to new beginnings.

How to Use a Pendulum - If you've been wanting to know all the tips and tricks to use a pendulum and connect with your inner voice then this is the box for you.

Using Earth Magic to Manifest - Call in the power of the mother nature with this super sacred grounding ritual.

The Ultimate Travel Altar - If you're often on the go and need your grounding tools to come along with you, this is all you need.

Manifest Changes In Your Life - Based on the 369 affirmation manifestation technique, this helps you kick your manifesting into high gear.

With each of these boxes, we also provide some additional tips, tricks and knowledge so you can use your intuition with the tools however you see best.

The box dimensions are 9 inches long x 6 inches wide x 3 inches tall.

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