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If you're looking for a little support with manifesting changes in your life, you will love our Magical AF Crystal Ritual Kit collection! We picked out our favorite crystals, some surprise accompanying tools, our go to rituals, some magical meditation techniques and some visualization activities to help you get the universe's attention and tap into the law of attraction with this kit. 

We've created these kits to help you tackle some key intentions and learn about different crystals so pick the ones that you're wanting to learn from the dropdown and get your magic on. Plus, these are all tried and tested through with our A Little Crystal Magic subscribers, so you know they're our favorites.

Each crystal ritual kit also includes a robust digital instruction booklet to guide you through each tool, crystal and suggested rituals to help you start making your own magic now.

Some of our featured kits are:

The Magic of Pyrite - This solar plexus crystal connects us with abundance as well as strengthens our connection to our will power and inner power.

The Magic of Agate - 

The Magic of Aragonite - 

The Magic of Garnet 

The Magic of Hematite - 

The Magic of Moonstone - 

The Magic of Amazonite

The Magic of Carnelian -

The Magic of Black Obsidian -

The Magic of Unakite -

The Magic of Fluorite -

The Magic of Serpentine -

The Magic of Chakra Crystals

Or you can pick a Surprise Me Box in which Shereen will personally choose a box out of all available options (which may not be listed below) just for you.

With each of these boxes, we include at least one of the featured crystals as well as some accompanying tools to boost that crystal's energy. And of course, we also provide some additional tips, tricks and knowledge so you can use your intuition with the tools however you see best.

The box dimensions are 6 inches long x 4 inches wide x 2 inches tall.

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