7/25: Astrology in Action: Chart Analysis Circle with Shereen

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Astrology in Action: Chart Analysis Circle with Shereen

Date & Time: Thursdays at 6 pm

Delve into the dynamic world of astrology with Shereen, founder of My Little Magic Shop, in our weekly "Astrology in Action: Chart Analysis Circle." As a seasoned shamanic practitioner, Reiki master teacher, timeline meditation healer, and Astrologer, Shereen brings her extensive knowledge and passion to these interactive sessions designed for astrology enthusiasts looking to deepen their interpretive skills.

Explore Astrological Charts in Depth:

  • Led by Shereen: Benefit from Shereen's years of experience and study in astrology, as she guides participants through the intricate art of chart analysis.
  • Analyzing Trending and Participant Charts: Each session will focus on three charts: two of famous or influential individuals making recent headlines, and one from a participant in the class, offering a diverse range of astrological insights.
  • Interactive and Educational: The circle is an ideal setting for those who have a basic understanding of astrology but wish to enhance their skills in chart interpretation, understanding transits, and synthesizing astrological knowledge.

Why Join 'Astrology in Action'?:

  • Practical Learning Experience: This is a unique opportunity to apply astrological concepts in a practical setting, analyzing real charts and discussing their implications.
  • Community of Learners: Engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for astrology, fostering a supportive learning environment.
  • Tailored for Skill Advancement: The circle is specifically designed for individuals who want to progress from basic astrology knowledge to more advanced interpretation techniques.

Embark on an Astrological Adventure: "Astrology in Action: Chart Analysis Circle with Shereen" is more than just a study group; it's a journey into the heart of astrology. Whether you’re looking to improve your chart-reading skills or to connect with fellow astrology enthusiasts, this circle offers a rich, collaborative environment for learning and growth.

Reserve Your Spot: Join us for our weekly "Astrology in Action" sessions and take your astrological understanding to the next level in a fun, interactive, and practical way.

Please Note: This workshop operates on a donation-based energy exchange, making it accessible for everyone passionate about astrology.

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