Amethyst Orgone Resin Pyramid - Crown Chakra

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Orgone Pyramids represent a natural source of Universal Life Force. If you are looking to manifest your dreams, then there is no better companion than Amethyst Orgone Pyramid!

Handcrafted with special care, filled with a set of amethyst, clear quartz and resin crystals, each of them connecting to your Crown and Third Eye chakras and opening them, the Amethyst Orgone Pyramid truly is a magnificent addition to your home or office. As the amethyst awakes your intuition and connects with your Third Eye the clear quartz amplifies the energy signature the Amethyst Orgone Pyramid sends out, ultimately connecting with the Crown Chakra.

By connecting with these two chakras the Amethyst Orgone Pyramid will help you awaken your intuition, sending you on a road to manifest your dreams. Day by day as you walk on the path your dreams will manifest in front of your eyes.

Even if you don’t send your intentions every day, the clear quartz in the Amethyst Orgone Pyramid remembers them once your intentions are set and send out the energy into the Universe constantly.

The Amethyst Orgone Pyramid lets the Universal Life Force flow through the very core of your being which will lead to improvement in all aspects of your life. You will be more aware, creative and see the world from a completely new perspective.

Excellent for your home because it will help you improve your sleep and even better to bring it to work because the Amethyst Orgone Pyramid offers strong protection against negative vibes.

Let the energy of the Universe fill your entire being and lead you to the manifestation of your dreams!

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