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Virgo Weekly Horoscope - 09.23.18

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 24 2018


Dear Virgo, a Full moon is coming! Be sure you are ready for new changes in the future. The Aries Full Moon on the 25th illuminates your house of shared resources, intimacy, occultism, subconscious fears. How has your inner impulse been guiding you from the shadows since this April? How can you express your deepest needs to others with assertiveness, without becoming defensive with your vulnerabilities? You might find yourself in contexts where your shadow self is revealed, yet these contexts can be an opportunity for growth through willpower, assertiveness, courage. You are encouraged to find some time for your inner self and further inspiration for self-development.

Magical Dates:

Career: 23

Money: 23-30 (your house of finances is lit!)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 9/25

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