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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope - 7.28.19

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 28 2019


Dear Sagittarius,   Finally, on the 31st, the Leo New Moon heralds that fresh start that’s been lurking around the corner all month- a new beginning in travels, courses, spiritual life or publishing matters. It’s likely that you’ll be feeling more rebellious and independent during these days, not wanting to be dragged down by a 9 to 5 anymore. It’s a good time to break free from limiting patterns, pursuing the things that bring you more enjoyment, yet keeping your feet on the ground as well.

Magical Dates:

Love: - 


Money: - 

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17

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