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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope - 06.24.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 24 2018


Dear Sagittarius, on the 26th, Mars joins the retrograde squad in your 3rd house- your mental activity (education, media) and your communication are under the magnifying glass, and this is an area where you can notice some patterns that keep repeating themselves. You might feel temporarily blocked or restricted in these domains, or you might harbour repressed anger. See what you can improve or re-do with a fresh, innovative approach if you’re not satisfied, but better wait until the end of August to take any decisive action. On the 28th, the Capricorn Full Moon brings to light the results of your financial efforts that started this January. It all depends on how responsible and organized you’ve been in managing your money and your possessions according to solid personal values and ambitions. This month supports you in your explorations with strong Fire and Air energy (Leo and Aquarius), though flighty Gemini might pull you in a different direction, giving you the desire to explore intellectually and at the small scale of your surroundings more than to go on any big adventure right now.

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This week you will find your focus falling on:
Religious Beliefs, Legal Issues, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, Foreigners, Long Distance Travel, Higher Education, Merging of Resources, Other People's Money, Sex, Transformation, Lotteries, Properties, Loans, Debt

Magical Dates:
Love: -
Career: -
Money: possibly 28

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
Full Moon: 6/28

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