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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope - 06.03.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 05 2018

Dear Sagittarius, This week will be all about fixing the already done damage for your finances, says your Sagittarius weekly horoscope. A recent decision made about your finances is causing you some stress. You may also be having trouble overcoming some challenges and hurdles in your business at this time. Do not worry as the situation will change sooner than you think for better. But from here on out, be conservative in your financial decisions until you see that you are back on the right track to financial security. This is not the right time to go for any sort of investments; this will not bear very good results for you. The week will bring you a lot of surprises that will leave different traces and emotions behind you. Now you will have to make at least one important decision or start planning an important upcoming change in your life: a new job, a new home, moving to a place of residence, starting a life together, and so on. The week reports various meetings and gatherings with relatives and friends, colleagues and neighbors, occasionally and without cause. In love you will also be able to expect emotional events, but here things will be individual and can both bring you joy and disappointment. Overall this week will be very emotional, dynamic, with fast-growing events.


This week will help you excel in the professional space, so be ready to enjoy this phase of work. There will be chances to undertake travel with respect to your work. You will not be able to carry out your work smoothly. It is really not a good time to go for any new business venture or change your job. If you are planning for your further studies, start preparing for it from this week.

Love and Relationships:

This week will help you find your soul mate and will give you a lot of reasons to celebrate, says your weekly predictions. Make sure you are looking for love in the right places! Keep your eyes open because if you are involved in an organization or an institution of learning or in a corporate environment, you may well be in for a special surprise,


very good to excellent.

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