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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope - 05.27.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on May 28 2018

Dear Sagittarius, Excellent news on employment along with celebrations for family members who may have also had good luck in employment seems to be indicated near the 28 to 31. Things might start to get more intense and emotional in your relationships, re-playing those old patterns that you haven’t alchemized yet. Take time to look inside and see what you really value in your connections with others. The Full Moon on the 29th falls in your sign, bringing to light the opposition between your will and others’, between asserting yourself and going with the sometimes unwanted flow of what those around you have planned. While consciously you’re invested in your relationships at this time, subconsciously you might feel the need to care for yourself `and your own wishes more. How have your efforts of asserting yourself been helping you express your higher truth since last December?

Magical Dates:
Love: The whole week, especially 29
Career: 31, 3
Money:  28, 29, 30

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