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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 7.7.19

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 07 2019


Dear Pisces, Starting with the 7th, Mercury retrogrades in your house of work and health. It might be a time of reconsidering your commitment to your job, as well as your daily habits. It’s helpful to keep discussions with co-workers as clear as possible, as well as to redesign some habits that you want to change.

Around the 8th, Chiron’s retrograde could bring up wounds or traumas linked to money, attachments or self-worth. Slowly build the confidence that you can make the best with the resources that you have and that you are worth it, Pisces. Around the 9th, things could be tense with friends or in your romantic relationship/in your relationship with children. There could be drama, sensitivity or you could feel like closing off; situations happening now could have a karmic undertone and they could be teaching you patience and perseverance in building the future that you want with the help of your tribe- even if you haven’t found it yet. Connect to your inner child and see what needs he still has to fulfill. Around the 11th, you can express your inner light in a particularly soft and empathic way, making it more likely to be received well by others. It’s a good time for healing and for heartfelt discussions in your relationship.

 Magical Dates:

                                                                                             Love: - 


                                                                                         Money: - 

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17

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