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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 5.3.20

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 03 2020


Dear Pisces, the Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th reveals a peak moment in your life in the area of higher studies, traveling, beliefs, spiritual practice, publishing. What results can you see? What emotions, ideas, aspirations, beliefs are blooming now? It’s a good time to cleanse old patterns- perhaps old beliefs about the world, resentments or fears linked to progress- and to continue your road with less baggage. Seek freedom by diving deep into your mind and soul. You might be feeling more hot-headed than usual, even if you can’t pinpoint why, so try to listen to what your anger or frustration has to tell you. This is a Full Moon that requires action; for you, it can be in the form of meditation, spiritual practice or giving to others. Around the 9th, you could reach some deep practical insights through journaling, writing or meaningful conversations with friends.

Magical Dates:


Career: 1- 13 (Venus direct in your house of career)

Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 5/7

New Moon: 5/22

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