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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 6.30.19

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 30 2019


Dear Pisces, starting from the 1st, you’re supported to invest your energy in your daily work and in initiating or maintaining habits that are good for your health. Possible disputes with your co-workers might have the role to help you become more confident in your own approach. Take care with stress during the next month and a half; make sure you take breaks often and give your mind& body the rest and the good fuel that they need. The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd might be the moment when the seeds are sown for a new romance, a new creative or educational project, a new start for your joyful and sensitive inner child. There can be a sense of fatedness to what comes up in your life at this time, be it a romance, a child or a new hobby. It’s a moment when you might be challenged to trust and to express yourself fully, despite perceived limitations from the outside- the rules and expectations of society or maybe even of your group of friends. Now it can be easier to express your innate sensitivity and creativity, even despite the challenges of daily life. Whatever is new for you right now, take it slow and step by step- you can steadily manifest your creativity out there into the world. 

  Magical Dates: 

Love: - 


Money: - 

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17

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