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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 06.24.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 24 2018


Dear Pisces, on the 26th, Mars joins the retrograde squad in your 12th house- solitude, introspection, deep emotions and personal ideals are under the magnifying glass, and this is an area where you can notice some patterns that keep repeating themselves, maybe related to addictions or to escapism. Your inner life can be turbulent at this time and its best if you take the time to be with yourself and dare to venture in your own psyche. When it comes to spirituality, ideals or compassionate actions, see what you can improve or re-do with a fresh, innovative approach, but better wait until the end of August to take any decisive action. On the 28th, the Capricorn Full Moon brings to light results of group involvements (friendships, groups with common ideals) that you’ve started this January, depending on how committed, organized and transparent you’ve managed to be in this area. This month, you might feel a bit puzzled by the flighty, intellectual Gemini energy, but the Sun entering Cancer at the summer solstice might empathize more with your dreamy vibe.

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This week you will find your focus falling on:
Work, Day to Day Responsibilities, Health, Self Care, Office Environment, Co-workers, Love, Kids, Creativity, Romance, Dating

Magical Dates:
Love: 24-30
Career: -
Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
Full Moon: 6/28

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