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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 05.21.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on May 26 2018

Dear Pisces, this Monday, May 21, as the quarter moon in Virgo shines its balancing beams into your partnership house. this week with Jupiter and Neptune, your ruler planets, forming a trine on the 25th, you’re sure to be inspired this May! The focus is on how you think and communicate this month- your studies, your way of relating to others and of adapting to the world around you. You’re supported to think in a more rational and pragmatic way at this time encourages you to set intentions about how you can best process the information around you and relate to others in a clear manner. However, while you’re caught up in articles, movies, chattering, another part of you might feel pulled towards expanding horizons, be it through travel, deeper knowledge or spirituality. On the 21th, the Sun enters Gemini, challenging your way of wading through the world with a more clear-cut, rational approach. Wednesday to Sunday should be a time of good cheer, optimism and plenty of love. You will most likely feel and look more attractive so this is a great time for dating or for closer bonding with your partner. Monday to Wednesday the positive energy of Neptune will stimulate your creativity, imagination, sensitivity and spirituality. Your communication skills will benefit from a non threatening, caring and soft influence. 

Magical Dates:
Love: 22 and 25
Career: 25,
Money: 23

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