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Pisces Weekly Horoscope - 04.02.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on April 04 2018

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Pisces love doesn’t pay the bills. It can if you created a business that was centered around it but you get it right? Things have been going pretty well for you but somehow you’ve been struggling to maintain financially and this week it may start to get a little stressful. It may feel like in one area you have the support and love that you need but money wise it’s seems to be going downhill. You may want to put your pride aside and ask for some help ok? You have a whole group of people who are willing to help you. Tell them the situation if you need to but definitely ask for some help. This money situation is temporary and to make it easier think of it as a lesson that needs to be learned. As life goes on you’re going to connect with more people and feel various types of love and you have to be very strong when it comes to maintaining your social life and your money. You can do both! 

Weekly Summary 04.02.18

This week expect some moments of confrontation. This may be with yourself or with people you associate with on a daily basis. With the sun conjunct Mercury on the first communication is being encouraged. Then on the 2nd Mars is conjunct Saturn giving us the push to complete goals and to stay determined on our paths towards success. The 4th may push some of us to push ourselves too hard. There may be conflict with others this day that deals with trying to control your temper. The following day on the 5th may also be met with adversity with Mercury square Saturn. The best thing to do is to ASK FOR HELP if you need it. Also, make sure you understand the problems that you’re facing. You may find out that it’s not your problem that you’re trying to fix. On the 7th there may be a wave that causes imbalance in relationships. This is the energy of Venus trine Saturn. Maybe you have a fear of opening up to your lover or perhaps you don’t know how to express your love or how you feel about someone. You’ll figure out what’s going on by “accidentally” running into “random” situations that show you. This is going to be a very transformational week physically and spiritually.

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