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Libra Weekly Horoscope - 03.26.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on March 26 2018

This week is going to feel like a game for you. How well can you balance your life out. You may be pulled to make some drastic decisions. For example, you may feel overworked and underpaid and so you spontaneously quit your job. In the moment you feel like you did the right thing you may even feel liberated. A few days later you may feel like you’ve made one of the worst decisions of your life. If you stay stay at your job you’ll feel undervalued and miserable but if you quit you may feel afraid and frustrated. Remember that there is always a grey area, instead of quitting your job immediately make sure you can secure a job elsewhere that you wouldn’t mind working. If you’re having trouble with that try figuring out what you’re passionate about and making your passion be something you can do weekly. This way you still have a space where you can go whenever you feel low. A great focus for you for this week would be to become aware of when your actions are extremely one sided. 

Weekly Summary 03.26.18

This week may be a little chaotic and frustrating with the presence of Mercury retrograde. On the 23rd Venus will square Pluto causing some turbulence in relationships. There may be issues surrounding who has been in control of this relationship or has been pressuring the other to do things they don’t want to. You may also feel a power struggle with friends and family. A swift realization of being manipulated may also show up. Plot twist you may be doing the manipulation. Then on the same day the Sun will will square Mars. This will cause a lot of egos to flair up. Be mindful if you start asserting yourself more to make sure you’re not being too aggressive.If Mercury retrograde isn’t enough of a boost to get you to get your shit together, on the 25th Venus quincunx Jupiter and you may experience a loop in your life. Imagine constantly reliving your past over and over again. Some parts may seem fun but ultimately you have to see that you aren’t moving forward. It’s time to break the cycle and on the 28th you may feel more at ease in doing so when Venus conjuncts Uranus. Take advantage of this energy you may find some clarity about issues that sprung up on the 23rd. Still, keep in mind that this energy will come and go. It’s a challenging week but it would be a great time to start finding the silver lining. 

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