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Leo Weekly Horoscope - 08.19.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on August 20 2018


Dear Leo, Mercury going direct on the 19th eases your house of appearance and self-image, removing blockages and maybe allowing some progress with the changes that were seeded on the Eclipse! On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 2nd house, marking a time where your values and financial matters take center stage. Especially with the Grand Earth Trine on the 25th, this is a great time to invest in your physical body, your financial affairs and your work, with an emphasis on things that you’ve already initiated in the past.

This week you will find your focus falling on:                                                                              Self Identity, Appearance, How You Present Yourself to the World,                                                Values, How You Earn Your Income, Money You Have Earned, Bonuses, Money you pay others,

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Magical Dates:

Love: 19, 25

Career: 19,

Money:  things are moving forward after the 19th. 23, 24, 25

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