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Leo Weekly Horoscope - 03.04.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on March 05 2018

A little courage goes a long way Leo. One of your biggest downfalls may have been not trusting yourself which in turn has been your way of showing that you didn’t believe in yourself. This full moon is asking you, “are you sure” ? This is something you need to be able to answer for yourself. Try filtering out if your answers and actions towards your daily life is your thoughts or other people who you are influenced by. An act of courage will take you exactly to where you’ve been wanting to be for awhile. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme but a simple situation like saying yes to that date that you’ve been afraid to go on or finally creating that idea that you’ve been thinking about. You don’t need to focus on the approval of what anyone has to say this is about you. You are in control and you will be fine as long as you’re sure. 


Weekly Horoscope Summary 03.04.18

This first week of March is leading us into a very balanced energy of enlightenment as well as mastering what we already know. The first day of March has kicked off with a full moon in Virgo. This Pisces sun may have a lot of us going with the flow and this full moon is bringing us back to our roots. This may be a perfect time for you to get to the root of a problem that you have been having for awhile. A buildup of fire energy with Mercury and Venus entering Aries on March 6th. Aries energy can feel very strong and aggressive. If you aren’t grounded you may feel that you are getting knocked down or that everything is moving too fast. Be patient with yourself and remember to slow down and take breaks when you can. On the 8th Jupiter will be in retrograde. This is a time where you will need to do some inner work and mastery on subjects that you are passionate about. Keep in mind that before we can build anything new we have to clean up a few old things that weren’t stable in the past. 

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