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Gemini Weekly Horoscope -3.22.20

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 22 2020


Dear Gemini, On the 23rd, you’ll be having a peak moment of passion in your intimate life or an intense moment when shadows (perhaps a need to control, to have power, to avoid vulnerability) come to the surface in your closest relationships. Trust yourself to work through them with commitment and patience, without waging a war against yourself or others. On the 24th, the Aries New Moon is a moment when old wounds linked to being different/being accepted by others can come to the surface to be processed and cleared, to prepare a new beginning when it comes to your friendships, social groups, social ideals, innovative interests. What are the initiatives that you want to take in these areas?

Finally, starting with the 30th, your energy will be best invested in higher education, traveling, spiritual practice for the following two months; if you’re feeling obstacles in the face of your freedom or desire to progress, trust that they’re there to test your commitment to your highest ideals.  Effort and dedication- with a streak of independence and courage- can be your guiding lights right now. 

Magical Dates:

Love: 28

Career: 28

Money: 28

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 3/9

New Moon: 3/24

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