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Gemini Weekly Horoscope - 07.22.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on July 22 2018


Dear Gemini, the Sun entering Leo on the 22nd heralds a month where information exchange of any sorts takes center stage in your life. You'll be in your element here, but take care not to overdo it with unfounded opinions or unnecessary arrogance. Mercury retrograding in your 3rd house starting with the 26th can make it feel like efficient communication is an impossible dream- try to express yourself clearly and from the heart, double check any facts or paperwork and get those electronics checked if something's not working right. The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th shows you how you've progressed in your efforts to expand your horizons academically, spiritually or through traveling since this February. Your love for facts and multiple perspectives might encounter a shadow side that wants to aggressively preach a (revolutionary) point of view to others and claim ultimate freedom. This Eclipse is a time when you can recognize this tendency, see any possible past fear-based patterns that might be feeding it and maybe sublimate it through sports or some friendly verbal sparring.

This week you will find your focus falling on:

Communication, Short Trips, Siblings, Technology, Electronics, School. Your home, your immediate family.

Are you missing Communication with your school friends and Siblings then gift them A Little Luck and A little Love to show your love for them.

Magical Dates:

Love: 22, 27

Career: 22

Money:  22

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:                                                                                                             Full Moon, Eclipse: 7/27

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