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Gemini Weekly Horoscope - 06.17.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 22 2018


Dear Gemini, This week, you’re supported to find and manifest your path. On the 18th, Neptune starts retrograding in your 10th house- until this November, it can be easier to navigate intuitively and compassionately through your career, projecting a dreamier and more attractive public image. Make sure to reality check your aspirations, though! It is possible for you to travel for work (for a certain purpose) or someone to visit you for the same reason. A lot of work and engagements can make you nervous and even make you irritable, so make sure you have enough time for rest and, above all, a healthy sleep.

Magical Dates:
Love: 21
Career: 19
Money: 21, 22, 23

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