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Gemini Weekly Horoscope - 03.12.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on March 12 2018

A shift is coming forth to Gemini that is causing you to want more concrete relationships with people. You may have a friend that you realize is actually not your friend and awaits your misery. It’s time to let of these toxic relationships with people. The desire for something more real is going to feel stronger inside just to show you what isn’t. Stay positive in knowing that sometimes light attracts bugs and that’s okay as long as you know how to filter them out. You may want to learn how to use discernment for people around you. The vibes that you’ve been getting about others has sent you on a path of not trusting anyone. Gemini this would be a perfect time to cleanse. This can be with your diet or just removing people from your life. 


Weekly Horoscope Summary 03.12.18

We are experiencing quite a shift for this week! On the 11th Mercury will square Saturn sending the message to overcome your challenges. This may take some time to do so try not to focus so hard on what you’re doing wrong. It would be wise to recognize the issue and how you are communicating it with yourself. There are times when we should get help from others but these challenges will be dealing with yourself and will be calling for you to get in tune with yourself. How have you been talking to yourself? On the same day Mars will trine Uranus causing quite the spark of ideas. You may be encouraged to create or try something new. Whatever has been stagnant for you will start to show up as uncomfortable. Also, if the 11th wasn’t busy enough, the Sun will sextile Pluto causing a energy that will have many people feeling in touch with a deeper calling. You may experience signs that are very clear and showing your what you may feel is your destiny. On the 13th Venus will square Saturn. For some this may be an intense period of love that you feel that you are swimming in. For others “daddy issues” may arise and you may find yourself feeling unable to be loved. On this same day the Sun will trine Jupiter sending out  relief as well as abundance. Keep in mind this abundance also comes with the ability to maintain a positive mindset. With so much going on this week I highly encourage you to really feel each day out so you don’t feel thrown off.

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