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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope -11.22.20

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 22 2020


Dear Capricorn, Starting from the 21st, the larger-than-life Sagittarius Sun illuminates your 12th house of spirituality and the unconscious, marking the beginning of a month that supports you to reflect, to rest, and to nurture your sensitive, intuitive side.

The last week of November is great for creative writing, daydreaming, and heart-to-heart communication. It’s a time for following your intuition rather than keeping a narrow focus on what makes sense and what doesn’t. The 27th could bring changes in your relationship with friends or an increased need to break free from limitations and to do your own thing, no matter what others might say. 

Magical Dates:

Love: 28


Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 15/10

Full Moon (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse): 30/10

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