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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope - 04.15.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on April 17 2018

You don’t have an issue with self control but more so with others controlling you. This may not be a situation where someone is dictating your every move but right now you may not have the luxury to move how you want. Capricorn this week what are you doing to make sure that you are able to move freely ? Do you currently have a sacred space for you to feel yourself out and make confident decisions? If not you may want to start creating a plan to have something for yourself that is just yours. Knowing what you want right now is very important and although others may not see certain things as important they are. Your comfortability is important for you to keep moving through life and not be full of stress and anxiety. If a job is causing some issues you may feel more open with looking for other places to work. If where you are currently residing is causing issues you may want to start mentally preparing yourself for a move. Where can you go that matches who you are? You have some things to think about this week Capricorn but overall it’s best for you to be in control of your wants and needs. 

Weekly Summary 04.15.18

Karma has its way of coming back around and it’s definitely coming back this week. This can be good or bad karma but in the grand scheme of things it’s for us to better ourselves. This week kicks off with Venus opposite Jupiter causing a more relaxed energy. You may feel like letting loose and possibly even celebrating for overcoming some challenging situations. On the same day Venus is also trine Pluto causing us to feel an extra push of love. If this is love from a romantic partner you may notice a cycle with the type of lovers you choose. What is it about a person that you keep finding yourself attracted to ? Does this trait annoy you or does it make you feel secure? The 17th also has Saturn going retrograde. Expect karmic lessons and issues from your past to present themselves. Then on the 18th the Sun will conjunct Uranus. This energy brings forth a lot of unexpected changes that may actually guide us to to financial freedom. On the 19th the Sun enters Taurus bringing us back down to earth. 

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