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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope - 04.09.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on April 09 2018

This new moon is sending you the message that you are mastering the unknown. Some people refer to the unknown as the darkness and let’s be honest you’ve been spending a lot of time there. There has been a lot of situations that seem brand new to you and yet here you are navigating through them like a pro. A pioneer is what you may feel like this week. Where many people are afraid to go you have been taking steps into. Congrats Capricorn because you’re walking a path that is very foreign to most people. You may be leading your friends into a new direction of thinking or your family into a new level of belief. Have you noticed that lately you’ve been having people around you question things? With just your energy in a room you’ve been changing so many others around you. Imagine walking into a dark room and you are light, you’re filling up the whole room now. This energy that you’re giving off is not only contagious but it’s necessary right now. Just remember that in order to be this light you just have to be yourself. You don’t have to read books about how to do that but you do need to just relax and trust yourself. There’s no need for you to try and get extra right now because you are enough. 

Weekly Summary 04.09.18

This week be prepared to finally move forward. There has been a lot of built up energy in the past few weeks that have been mentally, emotionally, and spiritually preparing us to move forward physically. This can be moving forward in a new relationship, job, project or even location. The week starts off with the Sun square Pluto on the 11th causing the ego to try and have control over what you have been experiencing. It’s best to remember during this time to just allow and recognize that everything is happening exactly how it needs to. Anything that causes you to start to overthink and over do may be your ego. On the same day Venus will trine Mars and this energy may have you feeling extra bold in your love life. You may have the courage to finally ask your crush out or to just tell someone how deeply you feel about them. The Sun also quincunx Jupiter on this same day causing an awareness towards self esteem issues. Maybe you feel that you need to prove yourself to others. This also correlates with the Sun square Pluto. Be careful with your ego trying to tell you to do more to show others who you are. On the 12th Venus sextile Neptune causing a shift that may make you want to surrender to your feelings and let go of feeling dumb about how you feel about someone. Ask yourself what will I lose by telling them these things? Don’t be surprised if you “randomly find yourself in a situation where you are being asked to spill the beans. The 14th flows through with Jupiter sextile Pluto and honestly this is going to be a pretty good day. If you have a lot of faith in yourself or what you’ve been trying to accomplish with the ambition to keep going then you’ll notice the benefits. Others around you may see it as luck or even miracles but the energy is aligning with what you’ve been putting out. The same day Mars sextile Neptune reminding you to know when to give and when to take. The balance of these two things are very important and with the flow of abundance coming through you may naturally know when to do both. The 15th continues to flow with the energy of the 14th with Mercury going direct! Finally, everything is starting to make so much sense. On the same day the new moon is coming through at 26 degrees in Aries causing the spark to start for new beginnings.

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