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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope - 03.04.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on March 05 2018

The full moon energy seems have sparked a flame inside of you. You may find yourself wanting more knowledge on “hidden” things. Right now there’s a surge of energy flowing through you that wants to know more. The place to start would be yourself. What all do you know about yourself? Have you noticed a role that you have been playing based on a specific archetype? You have the ability to define this for yourself. Keep this flame going by reading about foreign subjects and studying yourself. Do you have any old journals ? You may want to revisit them this week and read about yourself. Also, keep in mind that the flame that’s been sparked may also spark up different love interests and well as friends. You may find yourself around different groups of people based off of the new frequency that you are vibrating on. Allow this and know that these connections will be great for you to feel more confident in who you are. 


Weekly Horoscope Summary 03.04.18

There’s a split feeling currently going on with you Capricorn. Although, you may feel like everything is secure you also may feel doubtful about the future. Questions about what you’re doing and how well you’re doing is coming into play. There may also be a slight rejection of wanting to really feel what you’re thinking about. Confusion seems to be the vibe that this full moon is pulling out of you. Maybe you made a decision about something that now seems to not be such a great idea. You thought that some things would unfold on their own and now it seems as though you have a lot more planning to do. It’s okay Capricorn remember to breathe and show yourself some compassion. You may not have had everything covered like you thought but that’s the point of you living life to find out. Take your time with yourself this week to see how much success you have made and then try coming up with some ideas of how to secure some things. Not everything needs to be done in a day but you will figure something out if you take your time. 

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