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Cancer Weekly Horoscope - 7.7.19

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 07 2019


Dear Cancer, Starting with the 7th, Mercury retrogrades in your house of finances, asking for some extra care and clarity when it comes to spendings and investments. Think twice before making any major purchase during this time- you could regret it later on- and put more thought than usual into managing your finances.

Around the 8th, Chiron’s retrograde could bring up emotional wounds, especially anger, in relation to authority figures or at work, linked to your sense of responsibility. Trust yourself and your instincts, be brave. You can reach your goals without either pressuring yourself or being too indulgent. Around the 9th, things could be tense in your life. You could perceive limitations or indifference from the outside world or you could feel alone and unsure. Stay strong, Cancer. The way you relate to others is going through some tests and transformations, even with a karmic undertone, where you’re challenged to stay patient and perseverant in following your path and in expressing& taking care of your needs. On the 11th, you can feel particularly inspired when it comes to emotions, intuitions, spirituality, travel, making it more likely to be received well by others as well. It’s a good time for meditation, dreaming of a new adventure or having heartfelt conversations with others.

Magical Dates:

Love: -  

                                                                                       Career: - 

                                                                                       Money:- 9

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17

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