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Cancer Weekly Horoscope - 6.21.20

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 21 2020


Dear Cancer, The Cancer Eclipse on the 21st keeps you in the spotlight! This new start in your life contains all the little beginnings that you’ve gone through in the past two years. It’s a moment to connect to your feminine power, your vulnerability, your intuition and your nurturing qualities, envisioning your role as the main character of your life and flowing with the changes that the Universe is bringing you. Starting from the 27th, your energy will be best invested in your career and in reaching your goals for the rest of the year. You’ll be connecting to your inner boss and assuming more authority for your choices as you take your professional life in your own hands- not without a couple of (growth-promoting) challenges first!

Magical Dates:




Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 6/5

New Moon: 6/21 (Solar Eclipse)

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