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Cancer Weekly Horoscope - 06.03.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 05 2018

Dear Cancer, This week your friends will be looking for you to share important moments in their lives. Your week may be filled with some personal demands between the 31st and 3rd and these are not bad. Many will enjoy the money that will receive through such a document or contract, through bonuses, scholarships, etc. During the week you will enjoy the presence or contacts you will have with a young woman.

Success or important events in a girl's life will be a reason for pride and special experiences.

This week someone will look for you with a suggestion or invitation that may be strange, unexpected or worrying for some reason. Particularly interesting may be similar events in your love life. This week, you should never be waste with absorption in your own emotions and experiences, because you will now have to make important decisions, make important promises and even start something new in your life.

Love and Relationships:

Long talks about important issues and 'fine details' are both likely this week but it can wear a partner out. Serious relationships can escalate from 'just friends' if you are a single Crab this week! Some Crabs will 'pair off for life' this week.


It’s down to you. Even in a corporate situation, exerting your opinions and bringing new ideas into the arena will raise your status. This week, Put on your best, be a team player, show your stuff daily and be as 'willing' prompt, involved and ready to go 'above and beyond' as you can!




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