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Cancer Weekly Horoscope - 04.29.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on May 01 2018

This week you’ve been feeling on top of the world. Everything has been coming together and working out but for some reason you may not feel happy. You may start thinking of the worst when good things happen to you or when people show you genuine care. Cancer what is this suffering complex that you seem to keep becoming attracted to? Are you still feeling unworthy of your happiness? Did you ever start feeling worthy? Words won’t fix this issue this will take some self esteem work. Try taking yourself out and doing something you enjoy this week. Show yourself how worth it you really are.
Weekly Summary 04.29.18

A lot of root issues may arise up this week. Especially with Venus Quincunx Saturn. There may be a current romance and maybe past relationships that have it worked out. Don’t get surprised if you begin to discover that is you. Perhaps your believes suppressed childhood issues or ego may be the reason why you’ve never noticed. On the fifth mercury quincunx Jupiter giving us enlightenment energy but take it easy seeking knowledge and coming off as a know it all to others. Then on the sixth the sun will sextile Neptune  relieving us to flow towards healthy expression’s specifically the arts.

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