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Aries Weekly Horoscope - 04.29.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on May 01 2018

This week Aries you may be having issues with communicating your ideas as well as your frustrations. In the past you may have expressed how you felt and came off as aggressive or confrontational towards others. Deep down there still seems to be an aversive energy towards letting others know how you really feel. There are some plans that you may want to start preparing for but you know you need help. The challenge comes in this week when you’re trying to move forward and you feel yourself having trouble asking for help. You may come off very strongly because a lot of things you’ve been holding in.  It would be wise for you to find a way to express yourself in a healthy manner so that you can let people know exactly what you need.
Weekly Summary 04.29.18

A lot of root issues may arise up this week. Especially with Venus Quincunx Saturn. There may be a current romance and maybe past relationships that have it worked out. Don’t get surprised if you begin to discover that is you. Perhaps your believes suppressed childhood issues or ego may be the reason why you’ve never noticed. On the fifth mercury quincunx Jupiter giving us enlightenment energy but take it easy seeking knowledge and coming off as a know it all to others. Then on the sixth the sun will sextile Neptune  relieving us to flow towards healthy expression’s specifically the arts.
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