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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - 9.27.20

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 27 2020


Dear Aquarius, On the 28th, it’s a great time for romance and fun! Past misunderstandings with your partner or with friends can be easier to manage as you’ll find it easier to strike a balance between giving and taking, speaking and listening. Enjoy the positive vibe and the passion that this day can bring, using its gifts especially as the 29th can uncover some past wounds linked to personal beliefs and freedom of expression. Starting from the 29th, you could feel that long-term trials and difficulties are starting to ease up, allowing you to integrate the lessons learned and to move forward with more discipline and faith, even in the middle of challenges.

Magical Dates:

Love: 6-30 (Venus in your house of relationships)

Career: 28


Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 9/2

New Moon: 9/17

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