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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - 06.03.18

Written by Rhamonda


Posted on June 05 2018

Dear Aquarius, This week may surprise you with a small amount of unexpected money.  This week will be more about enjoying the phase of stability in your financial life. You will be pleased to see that your cash flow has increased to a level that meets your financial needs. You will not struggle with your finances now.  Be conservative with your finances; when the next period of budgetary tightness comes around you`ll be glad you did. However, there is a need to keep your idea of investment intact. Health needs to be taken proper care off. You may be quite prone to impulsive actions which you need to avoid. Subsequently, it may lead to severe problems. It is best to take things light and easy to see better results. The week will be favorable for travel, but if it is work-related, do not have expectations for some great success. During these seven days, avoid any trickery, manipulation or lie, because that will serve you poorly. In the coming days, you will have to pay for such actions through unpleasant conflicts, loss or separation.

During the week you will have arrangements for various friendly or public meetings and gatherings and you will be active both professionally and politically


This can be an excellent week for both progress and finance. If you leave your comfort zone you are likely to find that your career horizons are broadened than more than you have imagined,

Love and Relationships:

This week will be full on the romance and passion and you will be surprised to see your partner’s efforts. You will find that there is quite a bit of harmony in your romantic and domestic life.


Very Good!

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