Akashic Records and Crystals with Pamela Chan

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 29 2020

Today, we’re talking about the Akashic Records, Unicorns, Crystals and Tarot with the magical Pamela Chen. She is the creator of the Crystal Unicorn Tarot and the soon to be released Witchling Academy Tarot, Owl Tarot, and an upcoming crystal magic book with Llewelyn Worldwide. Pamela Chen is here with us to share how she got into the mystical arts and some tips on how anyone can start accessing the Akashic Records now.

Show Notes:

The Magic Hour: Akashic Records and Crystals with Pamela Chen

For today's episode of the Magic Hour, we are going to talk about akashic records, unicorns, crystals, and Tarot with the magical Pamela Chen. She is the creator of the crystal unicorn Tarot and the soon to be released Witchling Academy Tarot, Owl Tarot, and the upcoming crystal magic book with Llewellyn Worldwide.


What were you like before studying Mystical Arts?


I’ve always been tapped into magic. I'm Asian. My family is Buddhist and has a lot of superstitions. They don't do “this” because “that” will happen. The possibility of energy, kind of magic, and prayer was always in my life. When I stumbled across like astrology or Tarot, psychic readings, it wasn’t a big surprise to me, I was already familiar with it.


Did you have a Transformational moment that made you want to make this as a career?


I had a midlife crisis when I was 20. Something was missing in my life. I saw an ad for a holistic fair, and I attended by myself. My first Reiki Teacher pulled me into her booth and said, “You need to work with me.” I started doing Reiki and psychic development with her.


Where did you start?


I got into Taro. I was a teenager and went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a deck. I met my current business partner, Lisa Robertson. And she was she was my mentor and my tarot reader and I learned her from her. I started giving readings, I started charging, and I did Tarot Readings and Healing for a while.

What are Akashic Records?


There’s another realm or space right next to us. Think of our world as a piece of cake, with layers but it is all connected. The space holds your past, present, and future records in this life. You can go into the records, into that space, and that energy to do everything you feel.


What would you recommend for people that are just starting to learn about it?


The records operate at a higher frequency. If you're not used to that energy, would take it slow, take some trips with the records until you feel comfortable with the energy.


Teaching or going to a class would be the best way to learn it because they guide you up.


What led you to create this magical deck?


I wanted a unicorn deck. It was for myself. But there was no unicorn Tarot, only unicorn oracle cards. I was looking to create a unicorn deck. And I think the crystals really wanted to go in.


It was it during the healing session that I just kind of zoned out. It was it during the healing session that I zoned out and saw the map of the crystal unicorn. It became clear what my deck was going to be about. I collaborated with Lisa Higuchi who drew the unicorns for me and it came up to this deck. Her friend Barbara Moore, acquisition officer at Llewellyn and our publisher, came on with many decks. She said I needed to sell this. I crowdfunded because there weren’t a lot of people doing it and I researched. I already knew a little bit online business and took that information and geared towards debt and crowd funding.


How are other ways that you incorporate crystals?


Crystals work best when touching your skin and getting the energy.

I use crystals a lot in my spells and rituals, as amplifying tool. So whatever energy or intention I'm working with, I have a crystal that's related to that. It's really everywhere. I have it in every part of my life.


What advice would you give to your younger self?


Keep trying and don't give up. When you accomplish that goal, it's not the end. Your entire journey is the goal. It’s the experience. It never just ends with that one goal. The journey allows you to move on to the next level and the next level after that.


What other tips can you give to newbies out there trying to make their own magic?


If you've been getting the nudge, if the universe is doing this, and there are a lot of things that happen in your life, and they’re pointing you to this one path but you’re a little bit scared or uncomfortable to do it, then just know that the possibility is there for you and you're being guided towards it. Whatever you're experiencing right now is actually the nudge from the universe, letting you know that this is your path, this is your mission. Step up to it, try, and see what happens.


What suggestions do you have for those trying to start their own practice?


Get a coach. Don't start from scratch because we've never been there. We don't know what the path is. If you get a coach who's been there, then they can give you the tips, they can give you the advice to go through that journey.


In everything that you do, there's a breakdown before the breakthrough. If you have a coach, then you can get through the breakdown faster. You don't need to stay in that breakdown. We need to acknowledge it, we need to maybe experience it, but we can let it go to the next level.


Magic Hour: 3 feed your soul questions

1.    Are there any consistent activities or rituals you do to maintain a sense of inner peace?


I go through seasons. I like to go outside with my chickens. I wake up at 7am and go out to my chickens. I do a millionaire chant. For 11 minutes, I write on my journal. On one side of my journal, I write gratitudes and on the other side, I write my intention, as if it has already happened. I'll fill up the page. As I'm writing it, I'm listening to an activation song that my friend created for our program. The music gets me in that vortex in that frequency.


Every day I light a candle along with my business partner depending on the phase of the moon and we ask for blessings from the moon or we give our gratitude.


2.    What are the books or tools that really offered life-changing discoveries for you?


The book I’m reading is Tarot Healer written by my business partner. The book is all about healing. I also got The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events by Carol Rushman.


Working with the stars and planets can help you have more power behind your launch dates, appointments, or big life events.


3.    Before you begin any creative process, what type of preparation do you normally undertake?


When I write or create a new deck or book, I write my proposal on my phone. I like to be free so if I think of it, I'll write it down. But when I'm typing my book or my debt guide book, every time depending on the project, I'm in a different space.


I like to light or spray something to get that scent. One of our students creates flower essence sprays with infused herbal alchemy and sends them to me so that I can write with wisdom and beauty.

Key Quotes

[16:30-16:37] “Whatever you're experiencing right now is actually the nudge from the universe letting you know that this is your path, this is your mission.”

[17:35-17:40] “In everything that you do, there's going to be a breakdown before the breakthrough.”

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