Meditation Rituals: Why Does Meditation Work?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 30 2020

To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others.


Most of us have had moments in life where it feels like there are more and more things to be done, more and more obligations and more responsibilities constantly piling up. Worry, anxiety, and stress are triggered, giving you a fussy brain and frazzled nerves. But, life is too beautiful and magical to let those types of emotions overwhelm you. So, what can you do to live the most magical life? It’s simple - balance and mindfulness are the way to go! 

Okay, so why meditation and mindfulness?

A tree with strong roots can withstand the most violent storm, but the tree can't grow roots just as the storm appears on the horizon.

Dalai Lama

Everyday modern life can be really messy. And unfortunately, life takes parts of you as time goes by. And why is that? Because you are splitting yourself and efforts into hundreds of little parts to achieve the hundreds of tasks that you set for yourself to achieve every single day. And while it is true that there can be no progress without putting in the extra effort, and pushing forward, life is happening at this moment. Think of it this way - the future and the past, are simply concepts of the mind - what was and what could be. You can’t change the past, and you can’t live in the future. So that leaves you in the best time of your life - the present. However, with so many tasks, it’s not unlikely to fall into one of these patterns: autopilot or future happiness.

Autopilot Mindset

Autopilot mindset is when you completely shut off your awareness of the present moment, and you let your mind flow with thoughts that you are not paying attention to. When you have a lot of tasks to finish, and most of them are repetitive, it’s easy to fall into autopilot mode to push through the day and get things done as much as you can.  People tend to think of this as being absentminded while doing an activity. A good example of this is washing the dishes. Instead of fully paying attention to each dish, how the water feels on your hands, the smell of the soap and trying to enjoy the process and the moment, you are thinking about what you have to do next.  

Future Happiness Mindset

Future happiness mindset is a thought pattern that forms when you are not satisfied with the current reality. So, you set goals which you think can make you happy when you reach them in the future, but when the goal is reached you don’t feel any happier. And then you set another goal, and the whole process repeats. This thought process that forms is saying that there can’t be happiness in this reality and that happiness can only be found in the future.

These mindsets cause a disbalance in your life - from the very thoughts you have, to your emotions and to the vibes you send to the Universe. So that’s where meditation and harnessing mindfulness comes!

The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.

J. Donald Walters

Meditations are your way to leading a more balanced life. When you focus on your inward journey, when you make peace with all the little pieces of yourself, everything will fit into its place. When you devote yourself to inner balance through meditations, no matter what goes on in your life, you will know better. You will awaken and open your eyes, completely shifting your perspective about the world itself. You will see beauty like you have never seen before, you will understand how amazing life is in reality, and how much every little thing counts. 

That’s why we will guide you through the ultimate Meditation Ritual. Here is how to get everything covered:

1. Clean Your Space: 

The best way to start your magical journey inwards is by starting with a clean slate. The very act of clearing the space before you signifies that you are ready to bring order to the chaos of your mind. By keeping things organized and tidy in your meditation space/altar you are also allowing healing energy to flow freely. Crowded space won’t do! Besides, could you really focus on your meditation if your meditation space was messy, and you were constantly thinking of how untidy things are? So get to dusting and prep the physical space you will be using!

2. Purifying The Energy Flow:

Now that your space is ready and clean, and the energy flow is restored to your meditation altar, it’s time to purify your space energetically. Just because the energy path is open to flow, that doesn’t mean that only good energy will start to flow. To make sure that only good vibes are welcomed to the energy flow, we’ll do a little sound healing with the Brass Altar Bell and burn some incense. When you ring the bells, it signifies that you are not only purifying the energy but also that you are ready to begin your meditation. So, before you ring the bell, take a few calming breaths. Deep, deep breaths. Breathe in and breathe out. 

  • Now that you are ready, it’s time to do the sound healing. Ring the bell once - to clear out negative vibes. Close your eyes and visualize all the pesky negative vibes clearing out. Visualize them as formless grey smoke, here and there flowing. Then visualize them getting smaller and smaller until they all disappear.

  • Great! Now it’s time to enhance the positive vibes. Ring the bell a second time. Close your eyes, and visualize beautiful light grey strings flowing through the air, harmonically. Feel the serene harmonizing energy around you, close your eyes, and visualize the strings getting brighter, bigger, thicker, growing and intertwining. Take a few deep breaths.

  • Well done! Now, it’s time to enter a zen state of mind and begin your meditation. Are you ready? If so, ring the bell a third time to signify that your meditation will start. Before you do so, make sure that your attention will be fully focused on the ritual and meditation. No phones, no TV, no laptops and shows, no notifications for the next 40 - 60 minutes! Are you committed to this? Are you ready to create your own damn magic? Then ring the bell!

Now that you have cleared the space, let’s just keep it clear and invite some healing energy in with the help of the Nitiraj Incense - Meditation. Light your incense and place it on your altar or somewhere safe.  Allow the smell to take over your senses. The goal now is to relax.

3. Ring a Tingshas: 

Before beginning your meditation, you can ring your Tibetan Tingshas to begin.  The ringing sound creates an opening in reality and prods into the deepest parts of yourself which makes it perfect to start your meditation with. They are also used in Feng Shui to ring in the four corners of a room in order to bring the energy flow inwards.  You will also ring your Tingshas to end your meditation as well.  

4. Get to Meditating: 

As we are working to really calm our minds and bodies down at this time, please remember that meditation is a skill that is only developed through practice and consistency.  It is not something anyone is good at the first time or even the second time. Also, everyone’s experience is purely unique to them and we should not compare our experiences to others. The universe speaks to us in a way that is 100% tailored to our communication style. 

All we have to do is be open and receive. There is a saying that in prayer we talk, and in meditation, we listen. Meditation is not about completely shutting down the mind or trying to control it. Meditation is about observing how your mind works, seeing it as a piece of you but not the whole of you. You are far more extensive than just your thoughts. 

While meditating, your goal should be observing your mind so that you can better work with what you got and better converse with the universe. Now that you won’t be comparing yourself with others, and you promise to not to beat yourself up if the first few times you try suck, let’s get to it! Here are three simple instructions to meditating.

  • Take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Imagine your body sinking into the ground below you, relaxing with each breath.

  • Allow your normal breath to return.  Once it has, it’s time to count each one.  You can count one for an inhale, two for an exhale, three for an inhale, four for an exhale, all the way to 10.  When you get to 10, start back at one.  

  • Whenever you lose count, it’s okay, just start again.  When your mind drifts, it’s okay, just gently go back to counting.  Do this for 5 minutes, for a week, then up to 10 minutes the next week, and keep going or staying put until you are ready.  

Congrats!  You did it!!  Now that you’ve got this process under your belt, there are times you might want to take your meditation a little bit deeper.  Our recommendation is that you begin with the counting method (except for with the Tingas) to ground yourself and then move on to adding your tools. 

So, let’s enhance the intentions of your meditation, awaken healing energy and make sure you are fully focused on your meditation time. We have three meditation activities you can try and the tools to go along with them.  

a. Using a Focal Point:  Now let’s get focused! We will do that by creating a focal point for your meditation. A focal point during meditation is an object that will help you keep your focus, and depending on the object, they can also enhance your intentions, as well as increase your focus. We have chosen the Astral Journey candle to be your focal point. The flame of the candle is a great focal point, for beginners and more advanced practitioners of meditation.

Say aloud - “I will restore order to my mind. I will awaken my magic.”, and light the Astral Journey Soy Herbal Filled Votive Candle. It aids in enlightening your journey and deepening your meditation. It even comes with an affirmation and inspirational message. This candle also serves for protection when doing astral traveling or past life regressions, which are common meditation goals. It smells of Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Citronella, and Cypress. Breathe in and breathe out. Inhale the divine scents and let them work their magic!

b.  Amplify with Clear Quartz:  Hold Clear Quartz in the palm of your hand while breathing deeply. Focus on your palms while imagining the clear quartz energy permeating your hands, traveling up through your arms and filling your whole body with white light.  As you meditate, it will amplify your energy and send out your intentions to the Universe – even after you are done with your meditations. After each session, the energy it sends out with your intentions will become even stronger than the last session.   

5. Chant with a Mala

What you need to know is that every bead signifies a mantra that should be spoken. When you speak mantras, they energize the mala, and the mala then resonates with the energy you have charged it with. However, different purposes require different energies. If you charge your mala with one type of energy, or you use it for a specific purpose, you can not use that mala for another purpose. The Hematite Mala is made from a strong grounding crystal, that makes it perfect when you want to induce a state of calmness, awaken rationality, and to tone down raging emotions and thoughts.

To meditate with your mala and infuse it with energy make sure that as you focus on your mantra, you touch each bead as you speak or repeat the mantra in your mind while focusing on the flame of the candle. If you don’t have a specific mantra in mind then use the simplest one – “Om”. This particular sound tunes your frequency with one of the Universe itself and has amazing healing power.  Feel free to use an affirmation as a mantra also.  

6. Guided Anchoring Meditation

  • Sit on your chair with your back straight.

  • Breathe in and breathe out. Feel how your breathing in fills your chest with air.

  • Focus on your heartbeat. Listen how your heart beats inside your chest.

  • Now bring your focus over your overall body. Feel how your blood pulses in your veins.

  • Focus on how your heart and blood flow are perfectly synchronized.

  • Now, focus on how your blood travels. Feel how it’s pumped from your heart to your fingers. Feel how they tingle when the blood reaches the tips.

  • Raise your hand towards your face. Breathe in and breathe out. Now open your eyes.

  • Look at your hand and focus on feeling the tingling sensation in your fingertips. Observe every tiny detail about your hand. The length of your nails, the length of your fingers, how your hand rotates slowly while you observe it.

  • Breathe in and breathe out. Close your eyes again and put your hand down.

  • Focus on the beating of your heart. Feel how your blood pulses. Focus on the harmony of beating and transferring energy with each beat.

  • Breathe in and breathe out. Smile, because you cherish every part of your body, every part of harmony within it. Be grateful for being able to sense such synchronicity as the one your body offers.

  • Breathe in and breathe out. Open your eyes when you feel ready.

7.   Close Your Session:

As you are pulling out of your meditative state, ring Tibetan Tingshas to signal your mind and body the turning back into reality. That way, you won’t harshly end your meditative state, but gradually pull out of it.

8. Offer Your Gratitude

Offer Your Gratitude to the world and Universe for bringing balance into your life.  Extinguish your candle, and tidy up your space so you won’t disturb the energy flow. 

Please remember that Meditation is a lifelong habit that you should develop to bring balance to your life. Repeat meditations every day.  It’s the little habits that really change our lives.

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