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Where Are You Not Standing In Your Magic?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 12 2020

Hello, Dear Magical Members!

We know that the current situation is dire and that right now we are all stressed and anxious AF in quarantine mode. However, even in these dire times, here is an upside in all the chaos and devastation – you have more time for yourself, and to create your own damn magic.

This month we are in Aries season, and Aries season is the best season for a new beginning, standing in your magic and figuring yourself out. So, to create magic and use up the time that you have on your hands the very first thing that you should figure out is – Where Are You Not Standing in Your Magic? Because the answer to that very question can help you to figure out where you can grow.

Exercise – Where Am I Not Standing In My Magic & How To Stand In My Magic

First, let’s work on identifying the issue. A lot of the time, and especially now with all the chaos the root of our unhappiness can be because of the stressful & anxious thoughts. It’s natural to sometimes be anxious and stressed out, but if you are stressed 24/7 then you are definitely not standing in your magic. Figuring out the negative thoughts and listing them down is actually a good way to transform them from a source of unhappiness to directions towards creating your magic. So, let’s identify those thoughts.

1. Identifying The Issue

Take a piece of paper and start writing down all the negative thoughts, all the thoughts that stress you out and all the thoughts that cause you anxiety. Of course, they might not come at you all at once, so you can brainstorm for a while, and then simply add negative thoughts you missed out on as they occur later. But, make sure you devote some time to listing down as many as possible.

2. Tidying Up Your Thoughts

The first step towards turning your thoughts into directions that will lead you towards creating your own damn magic is to figure out which thoughts are unfounded thoughts and which are founded thoughts.

Unfounded negative thoughts are thoughts that you constantly have, and they stir negative emotions in you, and yet, in reality, you have nothing to base them off. Such thoughts, for example, can be accepting other's judgment of yourself even if it’s untrue.

Founded negative thoughts are thoughts that you have, but they are based off on your actions in reality, but you are not taking action to cut those negative thoughts off.

Now that you can make the difference between these thoughts, take two different colors of markers and highlight thoughts that are unfounded with one color, and founded thoughts with another color.

If you are having trouble figuring it out just ask yourself – are these thoughts based off on my actions, or they just exist in my head?

3. How to grow from all your negative thoughts?

Take a blank piece of paper, and make four columns. Then list your thoughts from your previous list according to the following criteria:

  • 1st column – Unfounded thoughts

    The unfounded thoughts are thoughts that are not based on reality. They are just negative concepts that you have unconsciously created in your mind. Think of them like a program you installed by mistake and takes up so much space, and does nothing good for you. These thoughts need to be cleansed from your mind and the easiest way to do so is by creating affirmations from them. And it’s easy to do so because you can just take the opposite of that negative thought and use it as an affirmation.

    Each week devote yourself to a specific affirmation for the unfounded negative thoughts. After a week – evaluate whether the negative thoughts occur at least less often. If they are not going away, devote yourself to repeating that affirmation for an extra week, or create a new one and continue for one more week. Train yourself to repeat your affirmation 3 times when a negative thought occurs. Don’t move onto the next affirmation unless you figure out.

The next three columns are for the founded negative thoughts. These thoughts are based off on something you keep doing or you are not doing in your every day that makes you feel guilty, disappointed or extra judgy towards yourself. So these thoughts need to be transformed as well, but the trick is these thoughts can only be transformed through taking action. You will classify them into three columns:

  • 2nd column – easily transformable founded thoughts

  • 3rd column – medium transformable founded thoughts

  • 4th column – hard transformable founded thoughts

Classifying these thoughts is up to you. It all depends on how hard the action to change that thought will be for you. If you are not really sure how to classify them, think about how often the negative thoughts occur, highlight the most often occurring ones and start from those.

Devote each month to tackling each negative narrative/founded negative thought. Expect for harder ones to take more than one month. We suggest tackling one easy, one medium, one hard, and then repeating this process.

Remember that this is a long process. You can’t sort out everything in a year, but you can sort out everything if you continuously devote yourself to creating your own damn magic. We wholeheartedly suggest that you add this list to your vision board and keep mapping things out on it.

Stay healthy and safe!

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