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Step 2 - Is Lack Blocking Your Abundance?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 14 2019

Have you been trying your very best to manifest abundance, and yet, money seems to escape you on every turn? It’s important not to blame yourself in these situations, and instead to look for the root of the problem.

We have all been there – trying to push forward, but somehow we end up back in the same place. So, how can you get out of that abundance-less patter to a reality where abundance overflows in your life? Well, first of all, you have to understand your need for abundance, from where it comes from, and what is blocking the process from thought to reality.

Why is Abundance Important?

In today’s modern world, technology is constantly advancing, and new better products that improve the quality of our lives are constantly being created. It’s no wonder that more and more of us take steps to ensure we have more wealth in our lives. We constantly struggle to make our lives better. And that’s okay – it’s important to always aim higher, and live a better life. However, it’s important for the desire for wealth and abundance to come from a good place, and not from a place that can block you from attaining abundance.

How Abundance Blocks Occur?

So, to make sure you are not blocking your abundance, it’s important to understand how abundance blocks occur. Every idea, desire, wish and intention that you might have comes from a single thought. Then, your imagination starts to spark up with one idea in mind – how will your life be when you acquire the wish you had in mind? In this instance – how would your life be if you were richer?

You start to visualize different scenarios, a better life, a changed life. These thoughts and concepts into your imagination turn into emotions, and these emotions transform into frequencies and vibes that are sent out to the Universe. So, so far, so good – right? Well, not exactly. We all had those moments where we imagined a much more different reality from the one we are in now. So one of these things happens:

1. The moment you stop visualizing, you get back to reality and the difference of emotions from the visualization to your reality brings you down, and you stop sending positive vibes to the Universe.

2. You start thinking that the life you are imagining is so far from the reality that it can never become a reality, and you start sending off the vibes to the Universe to manifest a reality where change cannot occur.

3. You create a thought pattern where you believe that you are not deserving of a life of abundance.

How to unblock your path to Abundance?

These patterns usually happen on a subconscious level – they are on a deeper level, and usually, you aren’t even aware that you might be creating blocks that can leave you abundance-less regardless of the actions you take to move forward toward a life of abundance. So, how can you unblock your path to wealth and abundance? Here are a few ways:

Think of the end goal instead of the money – Visualizing money is a far less effective way to manifest abundance because it doesn’t enhance emotions as much as visualizing a different life that happens to you. So, focus on visualizing the result of you getting more money, rather than visualizing the money themselves.

Journal your thoughts to become aware of the patterns – Those patterns that block you are subconscious, and as long as they stay that way, they will repeat without you even realizing them. Instead, start a journal and write down these thoughts as they come to you. By writing them down, you are making yourself aware of these patterns, you will notice them more easily in the future, and it will be even easier to target them and change them.

Affirmations to shift patterns – Start practicing abundance affirmations, because they are the easiest way to shift these patterns and blocks. Especially if the thought patterns that you are having are about not being deserving of abundance. We suggest you pair-up with a Clear Quartz Mala to enhance these affirmations.

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