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Waning Moon In Aquarius & Pisces

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 02 2020

One week after the Full Moon, light has waned enough for Luna to appear diminished in the sky. The next phase of the cycle comes naturally: after something flourished or came to a conclusion (Full Moon), we wind down, relax, and start reflecting on what has passed.

It’s a receptive phase that doesn’t encourage us to start something new but to analyze the past weeks and the last half of the year to find out successful points, as well as flaws in our strategy. What have you been nailing? What needs improvement? Now we’re supported to shed things that no longer serve our well-being and our growth, as well as to bask in the afterglow of the seductive Full Moon.

What is the Waning Moon Optimal For?

I love to think of the waning of the moon as an adjustment time. It’s right after the Full Moon so perhaps you have uncovered some new information or learned of some change happening in your life. This is when you would start processing all that you have learned and start to figure out how to integrate any new habits into your life.

Journaling, downloading with friends and loved ones and taking some time to look within is great for when the moon is waning. It’s not the best time for pushing forward, it’s more about stepping into your feminine energy. You can take a breather and allow your higher self to connect with you. Explore your feelings. Dig into what you would love to let go of and start working a plan to start shedding behavior or habits that no longer serve you.

What Should You Focus On During The Aquarius & Pisces Waning Moon?

Because of all the astrological happenings and shifts lately, we bet that you have all but forgotten about yourself. And that’s not the right way to create your own damn magic gorgeous! We know that this whole year has been hard on us, but it’s in these difficult situations where the most important lessons of life come to us.

If we don’t stop and take a minute to reflect and see how we process the things that happen to us, and how they affect us, then we won’t be able to move forward. This waning moon is also during Mercury going direct, in a way it’s a transition from reflection to self-love. That’s why working with Selenite and Black Tourmaline during this period is the best way to cut off what doesn’t serve you, reflect and re-energize yourself.

Take your Selenite and want in your hands, with the pointy end upwards, and take three deep breaths to calm yourself down. Then draw one clockwise circle around you. Ask the Universe to cut you off from any negative patterns that you have been holding on to, and all negative emotions that you have been feeding.

Then with the dull end, start by massaging your wrists in clockwise circles, then your chest and tummy. Then simply close your eyes and take a few moments to process what is happening within you. How do you feel? Is the energy within you shifting? Are you tired, sad, happy? What is the cause of these emotions? Where do they lead? Take a few moments to reflect on these things.

Finally, if you have some Rose Quartz laying around, we recommend to pick it up and spend 10 minutes daily with it in your hands and simply take deep, calming breaths.

Make sure you take good care of yourself and remain mindful and healthy during this period!



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