Step 3 - Waning Moon

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 16 2019

One week after the Full Moon, light has waned enough for Luna to appear diminished in the sky. The next phase of the cycle comes naturally: after something flourished or came to a conclusion (Full Moon), we wind down, relax and start reflecting on what has passed. It’s a receptive phase that doesn’t encourage us to start something new but to analyze the past weeks and the last half of the year to find out successful points, as well as flaws in our strategy. What have you been nailing? What needs improvement? Now we’re supported to shed things that no longer serve our well-being and our growth, as well as to bask in the afterglow of the seductive Full Moon.

What is the Waning Moon Optimal For?

I love to think of the waning of the moon as an adjustment time. It’s right after the Full Moon so perhaps you have uncovered some new information or learned of some change happening in your life. This is when you would start processing all that you have learned and start to figure out how to integrate any new habits into your life. Journaling, downloading with friends and loved ones and taking some time to look within is great for when the moon is waning.

It’s not the best time for pushing forward, it’s more about stepping into your feminine energy. You can take a breather and allow your higher self to connect with you. Explore your feelings. Dig into what you would love to let go of and start working a plan to start shedding behavior or habits that no longer serve you. That’s why working with Selenite is optimal. Ask this light maker to help you continue to uncover all that is blocking you so you may for once and for all release it and step into your magic.

Waning Moon Activity

This is a great time for trying to develop the connection further. Work with your pendulum or cards. Do some automatic writing or plain old journaling, working to discover more about how you are processing the energy of the Full Moon.

Waning Moon Ritual

Ah, Selenite – the Liquid Light of the crystal world. Selenite always simply radiates with light high-frequency vibes that transform every vibe and aura around you. It is often used to charge other crystals, because it holds so much energy within, and it’s known for keeping low-frequency vibes away from your crystal sets. Besides the uses for this ritual, make sure that you will keep your Selenite Sticks close to your crystals so that they can never be polluted by low-frequency vibes.

  • Once you feel completely calm and relaxed, take your selenite stick into your dominant hand.

  • Close your eyes, and let the Selenite vibes overtake you. Feel its energy radiating all around you and within you.

  • Now, hold your arms upwards with your Selenite Stick, and begin making circular motions around your body with your dominant arm with the selenite stick.

  • Leave the other arm standing upwards. We recommend you do seven circles, but you can do three if it’s more convenient for you. Start from the top, and finish at the top.

  • Feel the energy of the waning getting channeled within you through your non-dominant arm.

  • Feel yourself getting disconnected from all the low-frequency vibes around you, and only the best, most amazing aspects of yourself are getting boosted by the high-frequency vibes.

  • Once you finish, both of your arms should be facing upwards.

Congrats, beautiful. You rock! You’re all done, just remember to thank the universe for helping you sort it all out. Tune in to our blog to learn more about the Moon Phases!



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