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Step 1 - Using Crystal Grids for Changes in Your Life

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 04 2019

Hello Magic Makers!

It’s December, the last month of this year, and we decided to help you finish this year with a big bang – spiritually speaking. Over the year we worked on various aspects of your life, and yourself and hopefully we helped you out to be the most magical self possible.

As the end of the year is nearing, you might be feeling a little anxious thinking to yourself – “what have I achieved?” or “there is still so much to do!”. Either way, we know that there is a goal you had in mind that you wanted to finish by the end of this year and it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

Don’t despair, because, in this month's growth plan, we are going to help you to give that one last push and make one last goal into a reality, with the help of crystal grids. Are you ready for creating your own damn magic? Let’s start!

What Is A Crystal Grid?

If you have been looking through crystal grids, then you probably noticed that they look very beautiful and mesmerizing. The group of shimmering crystals catches the eye very easily, however, crystal grids are so much more than simply eye-pleasing home accessories.

Crystal grids are usually a group of crystals with similar purpose and energy frequency, placed in a specific pattern from sacred geometry. Each crystal from the group affects the other crystals, ultimately mixing the energy frequencies into a single, new, unique energy frequency. This is possible because of the placement of the crystals in the grid on exact, specific intersections provided by a sacred geometry pattern. The sacred geometry pattern helps to enhance their frequencies and to make it easier for each crystal to interact with each other.

Why A Crystal Grid?

Although each crystal on its own holds its own energy signature that helps you to use it for a specific purpose, crystals can also be grouped to amplify their power and create a new, unique energy frequency that resonates more closely with a specific intention. That is why crystal grids are created.

Think of it this way – let’s say you are looking to bring a little extra love into your life. You know the right crystal for it, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is an amazing crystal to manifest any type of love in your life. Let’s say you want to work on finding your soulmate, and you have programmed and connected with your Rose Quartz for that specific purpose.

So far, so good – right? The thing is, no matter how well you work with one type of crystal, you are sending out a very general message and frequency to the Universe for a very important purpose – finding a soulmate, someone who vibes with your very soul, someone very special to spend your life with.

To fine-tune, this intention to your specific needs is with a group of supporting crystals that will also amplify the energy sent out from the Rose Quartz. We are not saying that Rose Quartz is not a good crystal to find a soulmate on your own, and we are definitely not saying that Rose Quartz is not effective on its own, just that for such an important purpose and goal, you might want to enhance and fine-tune the vibes being sent out.

Working with one crystal can be amazing and help you manifest the wanted results, however, when you work with a crystal grid, you will notice that crystal grids are more effective and bring quicker results. Although it’s hard to find balance in a crystal grid, they are more efficient because you are sending out a more specific and unique energy frequency which will also be stronger because of the sacred geometry.

How Can Crystal Grids Help You Bring Changes In Your Life?

Each crystal grid you build is a very powerful way to send out an intention on a specific frequency, perfectly fine-tuned for the Universe to read and send back to your life, amplified. So, what does that mean exactly?

Okay, let’s say that you have decided to be the most magical you that you can possibly become. It takes a lot of work, doesn’t it? The whole year, we have designed growth plans to help you achieve different goals in your life, and even for the seemingly tiniest purposes, you needed a lot of work. It’s not easy to change yourself, and the way you have lived your entire life.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – just that you need extra persistence and work input. And sometimes, even extra help. However, when you are working with manifesting any kind of change, that is a process that you need to work on alone, there is no one else that can help you do this, it’s only you! So, the extra hand that you need can come from various spiritual tools – like crystal grids.

When you are building a crystal grid, you are doing two very important things that will help you manifest your goals more easily:

1. You are putting in the extra effort – Crystal Grids are hard to figure out on your own, however when balanced they can completely transform how you have seen crystal healing before and how you have used your tools up till that moment. Not to mention that you are investing extra time to build them, to connect with each crystal, to let your soul speak out, to create your own damn magic. And that extra effort will only reinforce your intentions, making them unwavering.

2. You are optimizing the energy of your crystals – Each crystal radiates with a specific energy frequency. How they interact with each other depends on the compatibility of the crystals, and how the crystals are placed to interact with each other. By placing them on a sacred geometry grid, you are making sure that each energy of each crystal is amplified both individually and as a group. And by doing so, the very energy and intention you are sending out are much stronger.

Tune in to our blog for getting awesome Crystal Grid Rituals and Tips in the next steps!



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