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Step 3 – Turning Things Around When Things Are Not Working Out

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 24 2019

Last few weeks we worked on making your goals into reality. Last week we worked on mapping out the plans within plans and predicting all of the steps. However, even if you take into consideration every single thing when mapping out your plans, in reality, you will always be overlooking something. It’s not because you didn’t do it right, but simply because that is the nature of life. You can’t learn anything unless you make mistakes along the way. But even so, there is a difference between a minor setback, and getting so stuck that you feel like you will never again move forward in life. If things are not working out, then it’s time to turn things around! Here is how to do it:

1. Re-check your plans

When things are not working out, there can be a lot of reasons why things are not working out for you. However, one of the most common reasons is underestimating your goals in your planning process. So, you jotted down the steps, mapped each step and gave yourself the time to achieve each step. But, here you are – stuck. So, the first thing that you should do is re-check your plans. Go through each step, and write down how things went.

Think about where things started to go wrong, the flaws in your plans, the things you didn’t predict and try to pinpoint every single detail in writing. Once you do that, go over your plan and evaluate your mistakes and good choices. What can you improve? What could you have done better? Which steps should you re-do? Is the plan still viable? By asking yourself these questions, you will understand where exactly you got stuck and get a more realistic perspective of the overall situation. And that can be a game changer!

2. De-cloud your thoughts

When you are trying out something new, it’s always a bit scary and exciting at the same time. Especially if you are trying to achieve one of your bigger goals. But, no matter how difficult or scary the goal in front of you, you can’t allow yourself to go at it with a negative thought pattern.

When you start off your goals with: “I can’t do this”; “It’s too hard” attitude, you are actually programming your subconscious mind for self-sabotage. Instead of the no-can-do attitude, try to modify your thoughts and thought processes. For example – start by switching “I can’t do this” to “I can do this” And “It’s too hard” with “It’s too hard, but I will make it”. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

If you want to go more hardcore on de-clouding your thoughts affirmations and mala meditations are an excellent way to go about it.

3. Mind your actions

If you are trying something you have never done before, it’s natural to feel somehow estranged because you are out of your comfort zone. You don’t have past experience to rely on. This is very important to get in your mind – you don’t have the experience, so you shouldn’t rely on the same actions that you have used to do things in the past.

New goals, new challenges, new life paths – they all require the same thing – change. You have to be willing to accept the fact that your actions will have to change, and by changing your actions to achieve your goal you will change as well – your whole life will change! So, don’t be closed minded, don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from getting your goals. It’s time to change!

4. Unstuck Yourself Ritual

And as always, when we have an issue, we always like to accompany it with an appropriate ritual to make sure that we are improving the energy flow in our life and banishing all icky vibes that might be lurking around. We really enjoy doing this ritual for unstucking yourself accompanied with the steps we mentioned above because it helps with reinvigorating the energy flow in your home, workplace, your body, soul and mind. It is simply perfect for awakening your inner power and giving yourself the strength needed to move forward, while also cleansing and protecting yourself. Here we go:

  • Like every ritual, you will need to prep up yourself and your space. Start by lighting your White Sage, and sitting down. Take a few deep breaths, feeling how the sage purifies you from all the negative vibes and thoughts that have been holding you back. Breathe in and breathe out.

  • When you feel ready, take the smudge stick and your Smudger, and start doing circular motions with it above the smoke, to make sure that the smoke starts moving in all of your space. Go in a circle in your room, passing every corner, enveloping the whole room with the holy smoke of the sage. Then repeat the same process in every room of your home. Then, go over all of your tools with the smoke of the sage. Once you are done, open your windows to let all the negative vibes out of your home.

  • Take your Tibetan Tingshas, and start ringing three times in every corner of your room. Then repeat the same process in all of the rooms. This will help the flow of natural, life energy in your home and in yourself.

  • Now, sit down on the floor where you will be doing your ritual and place the Carnelian Crystal Sphere in front of you. Then place the Green Aventurine and Black Obsidian Crystal Sphere on your sides. The idea here is to arrange them to form a triangle around you. Then, light the Confidence Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle and place it behind the Carnelian Crystal Sphere.

  • Light the Manifest a Miracle Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle and place it behind the green aventurine crystal sphere. Light the Problem-Solving Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle and place it behind the Black Obsidian crystal sphere. Now, put three drops of the Reiki Energy Oil in every candle. Let the energy of the fragrance envelop you. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel yourself getting calmer and calmer. Now, ring the Tibetan Tingshas to start the ritual.

  • Take the Reiki Healing Generator, and hold it on the palm of your hands. Breathe in and breathe out. Close your eyes. Feel the energy radiating around you, in your home, in your body, through every chakra center. Breathe in and breathe out. Repeat the following mantra 7 times:

    “I will create my own magic. Nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams. All the obstacles crumble before me, as I reach my goal.”

  • Visualize the energy flowing through your body, like a big network of shining energy. On the next breath, follow the energy going in your body, through your breath, lungs, heart, arms, legs, and head. Follow it, and observe how the energy finds paths where there were none before. Observe how every obstacle dissolves in front of it.

  • When you feel ready, open your eyes. Rind the Tibetan Tingshas to finish the ritual.

Now, place the crystal spheres in different rooms in your home to ensure that your home will radiate with high-frequency vibes always. We recommend you place the Black Obsidian Sphere in your living room and your Carnelian and Green Aventurine Sphere in your bedroom.

Bring your Reiki Healing Generator in your workspace and keep it close to yourself.

Whenever you feel like you need motivation, confidence, manifestation or simply boosting your problem-solving skills light your candles.

Make sure you cleanse your tools with Sage at least once a week.

We recommend you repeat this ritual at least twice a month, or whenever you feel like you are stuck in life.

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